Antik Hotel Sofia

Price list


Accomodation prices

single room 1 500 - 1 900 CZK + 10% DPH
double room (1 pers.) 1 600 - 2 000 CZK + 10% DPH
double room (2 pers.) 1 700 - 2 300 CZK + 10% DPH
suite (1 pers.) 2 300 - 3 300 CZK + 10% DPH
suite (2 pers.) 2 600 - 3 600 CZK + 10% DPH

Prices are subject to change.
The above quoted prices are contract prices, depend on the length of the stay, number of beds, number of guests sharing one room or a suite and on the time of the year (off-season, season, weekend, winter stay, stay during a festival or a congress).
Special prices, bonuses and fixed prices during the season are guaranteed for our regular customers and partners.

Further Services

breakfast 120 - 550 CZK + 10% DPH
lunch, dinner from 250 CZK/pers. + 20% DPH
parking 120 - 240 CZK + 20% DPH
pets 550 CZK + 10% DPH
laundering from 330 CZK + 20% DPH
ironing od 100 CZK + 20% DPH

Terms of payment

We gladly accept credit cards or payment in cash, regular customers may pay per invoice
We accept following credit cards:

Credit cards

In case you want to make a reservation for the time when a conferrece or a festival is held, you receive a deposit invoice or an account number for your deposit payment (please use the specific code) after we obtain confirmation of your reservation. We gladly accept deposit payment per cheque as well. You will recieve a proof of payment afterwards.
Various discounts may not be combined.
Please inform us about the discounts and preferential treatments you are entitled to and whether you have made your reservation via an agency (in this case the guest is not entitled to any discount). In case you neglect to inform us, you will be charged according to the current price list plus the commission of the agency.



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